Same Day Crowns

Did you know that Dr. DelBoccio has the latest in Dental Technology and can seat your crown in one visit?!

At your crown visit, we’ll prepare the tooth for a crown. We will then take a Digital Impression using a 3d scanner! We will scan the prepped tooth, including the surrounding teeth and soft tissue. We than will be able to see the digital scan on a Laptop and will design your crown right there in the office! Once the crown is designed, we will than place your crown material in a mill and watch your crown get fabricated right before our eyes! After your crown has been created, we will place it in an oven so we can capture the exact shade/color of your surrounding teeth. Once finished baking, Dr. DelBoccio will cement your newly fabricated crown on your tooth and send you on your way. No second appointment needed!

We get a lot of satisfaction from our restorative work. Good dentistry makes people feel different–better about themselves. We’re proud of the quality, fit, and longevity of our crowns

logoE4D Dentist System, or PlanScan) allows Dr. DelBoccio to make a digital scan of your restoration, so you can avoid the inconvenience and wait associated with conventional dental techniques. Your crown is created while you wait, and can be permanently seated in your mouth the same day, letting you avoid the hassle of a temporary crown and extra visit for the final seat appointment.

Ask today if a digital restoration is right for you.

The Best Thing About A Temporary Crown Is? Sorry, Nothing. Ask If a Digital Restoration is right for you.

Stronger, More Precise Fit • Natural Appearance • Relaxing Patient Experience



Using the most advanced non-metal composite materials, digital precision and natural design, your restorations will match existing teeth to provide a natural bite and smile.

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